Sunday, February 1, 2015

Angel at the Bottom of the Well

To the guy who sat on the sidewalk opposite my apartment yesterday afternoon and spent four hours fishing around for something that must have fell into the gutter and down the drainhole...

I hope the wire hanger helped.

I hope you found what you were looking for.

You reminded me of a song I wrote over a year ago, for a girl caught in a desperate situation. I hope the past year brought her healing and happiness, but here's the song:

It's a long way down
From a princess
to a clown
It's a long way down
from a churchyard
to a shanty town
It's a long way down

I'll be your angel
At the bottom of the well
I'll be your angel
in the sooty, smokey pits of hell
I'll be your angel
But who can tell?

(Chords 1st verse: Am-G-Am-G-Am; 2nd verse: F/D-G/D-F/D-G/D-F/D-Am)

Or I hope you woke up in an alternate reality where nothing is lost or missing or missed. (I hope that for the girl too) Go well.

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