Friday, July 29, 2011

The ownership of stories

Last sunday I began to write a fable about vultures. Literally, I sat down and began with the words "once upon a time", writing them in a tiny A6 sized exercize book that said Croxley on the outside cover. In another reality, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, listening to the voice of my deceased twin soul telling a tale that began "once upon a time". The words flow easily, without hesitation. Although he takes breaks, there is no scratching out, no re-arrangement for the physical me that is taking dictation. The story 'happens' to me. It is not the first to to come in this way and won't be the last. Some stories come to me as movies or in snapshots and impressions, rather than physical words, but often the sentences surprise me. For me, writing has really become a form of listening...

Since his physical life ended more than two years ago, and since the stories will be sent out in my name, I suppose I should call them mine, but they feel like gifts...

Before he died, my twin soul created in much the same way as I do now.. and it occurs to me that perhaps its only on this side of the grave that we feel any need to go: mine. mine. mine. That is only the itching of our egos. In truth the stories belong to all of us. We ARE them and they are us.

One day they will bear another name, another mask, another disguise...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

worlds under fire...

Does any remember the movie 'Dark City'? It came out around the time of the first Matrix movie and the theme was very similar, except there was no Keanu Reeves in it. The premise was this: Every night while we sleep, a shadowy group of aliens 'rearranged the furniture' of our world or reality and sometimes when we woke up, things were completely different. Looking around me, this seems like another truth hiding within a fiction. It would not surprise me to learn that the majority of people have their memories completely erased and their realities reset every three months or so. If you are cursed with the inconvenience of a longer memory or, heaven forbid, deaf to the magic pipes of the spindoctors they sold their souls to, they hate you for not seeing the emperor's new clothes...

Don't give in. Reality building should not be a spectator sport. Validation is for people who are unsure of their truths or too sure of their lies.

Nobody can claim supremacy over your reality - only you. Your reality is constructed of emotions much more than anything you touch and see and hear. Your emotions allow or dismiss what you perceive. Your emotions validates the input of one person and discards the input of another. You do play some role in building the reality of another person, but you have no control over how that person uses your contribution. An insult is never given, only taken. Same with a compliment. Reality truly is in the eye of the beholder. (t.y.m.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


If you took a monkey
and dressed him in my clothes
would that make him me?

Would he think my thoughts
Would he dream my dreams
And tell you what I see?

(t.y.m. ~ thank you for sharing & caring)