Thursday, August 25, 2011

Making Peace

I don't expect to be understood EVER. I've spent two years making an interesting sort of peace with that realization. But it sometimes aches just a little in the empty void where that expectation used to be

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get that Quantum Vibe

I found the link to Quantum Vibe's website in a tweet from one of my online connections and have to admit, that, now, about two hours later, I am totally hooked. Anyone who claims that virtual media is killing the comic strip, just hasn't been looking around. The truth is that many good comic strips have migrated to the internet - and they have plenty of babies too, such as this one. Quantum Vibe follows the misadventures of Nicole, an average young female of the 26th century where one outfit fits all occasions simply by morphing to suit your needs, commuters travel by bubble, but heartbreak still hurts as much as it did 500 years ago.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why we dream of broken things...

Last night I sat at the water's edge and wrote a dedication to someone who changed my life. I meant to throw it in the ocean that lay between my world and his, but then my family said we had to go... so the message remained poignantly unsent... it was typical of the incompleteness that plagues so many dreams... a singer would dream that his band was playing a new song. Everyone knew it except him. He had to get the lyrics but somehow, it was time to go on stage and he still didn't have them... we dream of wrong directions. We dream of broken things that never get fixed... Why... because our dreams are really our souls' message telling us, you are broken, you are not whole... And so when we close our eyes and our souls sees the truth of this reality... we dream the pieces... it disturbs us... we think it is our fears coming out... but meanwhile it is really the desires of our broken souls yearning to be complete, that is coming out...