Monday, February 28, 2011


'I want to hear you talk, not my insecurities'. That's what I told my muse this morning - because, well, they have been making so much noise... creating interference... and what my muse suggested was: write about them. So here goes... insecurities.

Our psychological need for security manifests in the desire to be romantically loved, but in truth, you can find the deepest insecurity rooted in the quest for that love. And don't forget the fact that we all get kicked out of heaven at the start of our lives, which means that having rejection issues is probably one of the most common diseases among humans being. And then there is that trial-by-opinion we all fear so much, that moment we let the guard slip, when we fully own our words and our dreams and our fears without qualifying them or nullifying them, just in case, we will be help up for ridicule, and ridicule is so frightfully immediate, these days. Okay, here goes, you don't need anyone's permission to feel, to love, or to be human. Opening up can be frightening (to you) but perhaps it becomes reassuring and liberating for the next heavily armoured soul watching silently from the wings.

Your insecurities are there for a reason. Don't NOT listen to your insecurities, but recognize them for what they are. Insecurities. Your insecurities, not someone else's. YOURS!!!!!!! By all means chat to your insecurities, acknowledge their
existence, and set them free.

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