Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holly Black introduces the worlds of fairy to the mortals of Ironside

Weird exotic looking Kaye has always seen fairies - Spike, Gristle and Lutie when she was young. At sixteen, her life is unconventional in a different way. She is the responsible adult, taking care of her wild rock chick mom Ellen. But when they hit a dry spell and are forced to move back in with Kaye's grandmother, the faeries return to her life in a big and perilous way. First there is Roiben, knight of the Unseelie court, whom she rescues from an injury. Then the thistlewitch reveals a startling new truth about Kaye's origin, and finds Kaye experimenting with new abilities, while her every move also endangers her friend Janet, and Janet's brother, Corny. Meanwhile, Samhaim nears and with it the time of the tithe, a sacrifice ment to bond the solitary fairies to the Unseelie court for the next seven years. What role will Kaye play in this? And what other double crosses are on the cards? Soon, Kaye is not sure who is friend and who is foe.

And if you enjoyed this, the good news is there's more where that came from. In 'Valiant', human girl Val leaves home after finding out a shocking secret about her mother. In New York City, she befriends Lolli, Sketchy Dave and Luis, who live somewhere in a disused section of the underground, hiding the magical secrets of their existence in the dark. When she herself becomes involved in the affairs of Ravus, who is really a troll, she has to find out who has been killing off the exiled fairies of the city.

'Ironside' returns to the further adventures of Kaye, now armed with new truths about her real identity, but still as confused about where she truly fits in, as her destiny shifts her between two conflicting courts of fairy, and she is charged with solving an impossible riddle to win the love of a king and perhaps save him in the process. Ironside, by the way, is how the fairies refer to our world.

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