Monday, January 11, 2010

An Alternative Theory on Twin Souls

What are twin souls? A New Age myth? A Greek legend? A romantic ideal? Or perhaps something completely different?

About six months ago - and it feels so-o-o much longer - my life took a strange and startling direction that I could never have anticipated. It involved a serious challenge to my already threadbare sanity. It also introduced me to more love, magic and wonder than I ever thought possible. But, no more personal details. There's the privacy and feelings of others to consider in this.

Back to theory. The oft-repeated lore suggested one of two origins. One is that twin souls are created separately but simultaneously for each other's completion. The second asserts that twin souls were once separated on a path of self-improvement, as it were, and that they will be reunited once their self-love is perfected. Like God saying, I am splitting you up for your own good, sort of in the way eating green vegetables is for your own good. Is it really that neat and simple?

Does that explain enough of the trauma many twin souls claim to feel when they confront the very idea of that separation ages ago? I wonder...

Maybe what causes souls to split is something different entirely. Could it be that during some incarnations, a soul becomes immersed in such pain, or guilt or fear or whatever negative energy can be absorbed when bad things happen, that it begins to fragment for its own self-preservation. That the only way to deal with some bad experiences is to halve it to lessen the impact. Consider the way an abused child's mind sometimes fragments to birth multiple personalities in order to survive psychologically. Is it possible that our souls sometimes choose similar options, spliting off to lessen karmic echoes that seem too severe to cope with? And would the road to reunion for twin souls involve a path of healing that would involve accepting, embracing and owning our darkest memories and pre-memories before we can move forward as more complete versions of ourselves again?

These are only my thoughts on the subject. Please share yours, whether you agree or disagree...

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